The Catlins - Otago, South Island, New Zealand

The Catlins is situated off the beaten track on the southern coast of the South Island, New Zealand. The Catlins is a major highlight of the Southern Scenic Route. Explore the natural wonders of The Catlins including waterfalls, caves, fossils, wildlife and bush walks.

sealionThe Catlins, between Fortrose and Kaka Point, is an area with dense native rain forest, farmland and the rugged coastline of the South Pacific Ocean. There are so many choices of walking tracks and byways – take some, and discover the treasures of The Catlins.

From the curious 180 million year old fossilised forest of Curio Bay to the fur seals, penguins and sea lions of Nugget Point. The Catlins is a great bird watching region.

Nugget Lodge accommodation - the perfect place to stay while exploring The Catlins. For the wildlife enthusiasts we recommend visiting The Catlins during the shoulder season September to mid November and late February to April. The beaches are quieter, not that they are ever busy, and the wildlife is in rest mode. 

Catlins New Zealand - native rain forest, bush walks with native birdlife and rugged coastline of the South Pacific Ocean - South Island NZcatlins new zealand


The Southern Scenic Route runs from Dunedin in the North through to Invercargill in the South and up to Te Anau.

Nugget Lodge in the Catlins - Map